Grants Program

The Association of Community Theatre has agreed to make $10,000 available in 2022 to long term member companies for use in capital purchases. In future years the amount available will be $5,000.  "The Guidelines" of the grant are detailed in the Main Menu listing under the heading 'Membership' and access to the 'Application Form' can be found at the end of the Guidelines.


Insurance Claims History

To assist companies keep their rehearsals and performances as safe as possible we publish a list of accidents that have taken place in recent years and the claims for compensation made arising from the accidents through ACT's public liability insurance policy managed by Marsh.

2020 1/04/2021 PA Costume rack fell over onto a person's right
shoulder sustaining strain injury. Rack
had several heavy costumes on at the
$700.00 was awarded in compensation.

2019 19/05/2019 PL Claimant leaned on an exit door and fell
out injuring her wrist
No compensation was awarded. Finalised

2018 12/02/2018 PL Set fell on the claimant injuring his
$192.75 was awarded. Finalised

22/07/2018 PL A claimaint fell whilst dancing and injured her
No compensation was awarded.

9/9/2018 PL The claimant's parquet floor was
damaged by improperly seated screws
in a dancer's tap shoes
$2,640.70 was awarded.  Finalised

7/10/2018 PL The claimant slipped over some poles
laid on the theatre floor and fractured
his elbow.
$780.70  was awarded. Finalised

24/10/2018 PL Art works at Gallery damaged by water.
Insured left a door open and storm
water penetrated the gallery
$355.32  was awarded. Finalised

2017 25/02/2017 PL Choir member fell onto an orchestra
member's trombone, damaging it.
$670.00 was awarded. Finalised

17/05/2017 PL A member of the insured theatre troupe
splashed fake blood on a white theatre
curtain during a rehearsal of the
performance 'Sweeney Todd'. Owner
demanded replacement and associated
$1,854.40 was awarded. Finalised

27/08/2017 PL 2 pieces of the set fell from the wall
onto the claimant's car $1,641.13  was awarded.Finalised

2016 20/08/2016 PL Claimant fell down the stairs at the
$30,327.50 was awarded. Finalised

21/11/2016 PL Claimant slipped down some stairs. $29,540.12 was awarded. Finalised

2015 12/07/2015 PL Patron of the production fell on stairs
whilst moving to seating area. Venue
was a hired theatre belonging to the
XXXXX School.
$69,337.95  was awarded. Finalised

2014 17/11/2013 PL The claimant alleges that the Insured's
stage crew damaged a 'cyclorama'
stage curtain whilst moving furniture
during the Insured's performance a
musical at XXXXXX. $800.00 was awarded. Finalised


What's On 2022

As Theatre Companies advise us of their productions for 2022, details will be added to this web site under the menu heading "What's On" (on the left of this page) . Each production will only appear there 30 days before the production opens.

Theatre Groups who are members of the Association can advise the Association of their productions for 2022 by using the online form under the menu heading "Submit What's On" or can submit their details by clicking on this following link  What's On Update Form 2022. Details of how to use this manual form are on the form itself. Once this form is completed it can be posted or emailed to us.





AGM 2020


(Pictured above is a screenshot from ACT's first ever Zoom AGM in 2020.)







The Association of Community Theatre regrets to advise that all seasons of community theatre in New South Wales are suspended due to Government regulations arising out of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The latest advice from the NSW Department of Health is that “community singing groups meet virtually for now” because COVID-19 has been spread in choirs overseas. This means it is not yet safe for musical societies to meet for rehearsals.

We wish the entire theatre community and our audience members well over this difficult time and look forward to seeing you all in a crowded foyer when the pandemic is over.

The Association of Community Theatre AGM will be held in late September where we will announce details of relief for member companies.




Hall of Fame Awards 2018




The Association of Community Theatre was proud to inaugurate six new members into its 

Patron Nancye Hayes AM presented the awards at ACT's Stagecraft 2018 conference dinner held at the Bonnie Doon Golf Club.

Pictured above are Coralie Wood, Nancye Hayes AM, Wendy Fahey, Roger McKenzie, Pat Slattery, Janette Holmes and Ros English.

To see more about each Member of the Hall of Fame go to the Main Menu and click on 'Hall of Fame'.




The next season of Workshops and Conference was scheduled for 2020. We had chosen and advertised the weekend of 19 and 20 September 2020 for the 12th Stagecraft Conference but we have had to postpone the conference due to regulations covering the outbreak of Covid -19. 

New dates will be selected when all regulations regarding Covid-19 have been cleared. The new dates will be announced here, in Facebook and in notices  that will be sent to all member groups.













New Insurance Policy

The Association of Community Theatre has appointed a new insurance broker who is offering members improved coverage for Public Liability and Volunteer Accident cover at a significantly reduced premium. Details of the new policy are listed here.

StageCraft 2018

StageCraft2018LogoThe eleventh Conference of Community Theatre was held in Sydney on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2018 at NIDA, The National Instutute of Dramatic Art, in Kensington NSW.

The very successful weekend of 2 days of Conference and Workshops and a dinner on Saturday night, was attended by 145 persons.

Six Community Theatre participants were elected to the Community Theatre "Hall of Fame" at the Dinner. A photo of the 6 will be added below soon and full details of each new electee will be added to the "Hall of Fame" link in due course.




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