COVID-19 Update

Welcome back to the stage.


Singing is permitted for performance and rehearsal. 

Singing by audiences or congregations is not permitted.

Dancing is permitted for performance and rehearsal. 

Dancing is not permitted at hospitality venues and nightclubs.


ACT encourages members to watch this webinar on the latest protocols for theatre productions.

Key enforcements:

  • The one person per two square metre rules applies to both indoor and outdoor premises as general overarching rule for establishing capacity of patrons.
  • COVID-Safe Plans that reference the appropriate checklists are mandatory (with the exception of outdoor gatherings of under 200 people).
  • The requirement for patrons to give personal details to the occupier of premises (venue) is mandatory.
  • Record keeping through contactless digital means is mandatory.

Key points in the new Checklists

The new checklists are very basic and comprise tick-boxes against statements relating to wellbeing, physical distancing, hygiene and record keeping.

You need to either agree to the statement or detail why the statement is not applicable to your venue, event or situation.

The new suite of COVID-19 Safety Plan checklists can be found here:

I would suggest that you and your staff/volunteers familiarise yourselves with these checklists as they are quite different from checklists of the past months.

Additional information