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Please download, complete and return this form for a new membership of The Association of Community Theatre in 2024.

Further details and cost are on this form,


An invoice for renewal of membership will be sent to you in late November and a membership form will be sent to you with the invoice. You will not need to download a form unless you spoil or misplace the one we send you,

Please complete and return the form we send you to renew your membership of the Association of Community Theatre from January to December 2024.

Further details and cost are on this form.


Membership of the Association is from January to December.




The Association of Community Theatre is introducing a capital grants program to distribute funds to members raised over the years from its public liability and volunteer insurance scheme.

$5,000 has been allocated in 2024 for grants to members for projects which fit the guidelines.

Funds will not be provided for companies to assist them for specific items for putting on their next show, or to make up for losses of previous productions.

This program is to contribute towards genuine capital items which provide members with infrastructure for the years ahead.

Preference will be given to applications where asset sharing is possible.
Some examples of projects – but not limited to these – include:

New stage deck (floor)
Fit out of a kitchen
Repairs to storage sheds / rehearsal rooms
Purchase of containers / storage solutions
Purchase of staging rostra
Purchase of rigging equipment
Purchase of harnesses
Upgrading of lighting to LED fixtures
Sound equipment purchase.

The purpose of this program is to ensure that community theatre groups retain the ability to undertake productions by refurbishing or replacing capital items to enable continuation of contribution to the community and the arts.
The Committee has agreed that efforts by groups or endeavours to remedy or rectify loss or provide evidence of attempts to provide for themselves will not be a consideration for the allocation of the grant.

There is no requirement for co-sharing of cost arrangements unless financial justification is provided.

It is recognised that community theatre groups play a significant part of the social fabric of the area in which they operate. This program has been designed to provide certainty to community group members to avoid cancellation of productions or cessation resulting from inadequate or insufficient resources.

Each year prior to the AGM the Executive Committee will review (as part of the Financial Report) the state of available funds to enable continuation of this Grants Program into the coming (new financial year) which will be agreed and then presented to members at the AGM.

A list of successful applicants will be published to members noting that privacy regulations will be strictly followed.

Key dates
This program runs with the calendar year – that is, January to December.

Applications will open on 1st March, 2024.

Applications will close on 30th June, 2024 to enable the Committee to process each application in time for the AGM.

To be eligible for funding, applicants MUST meet the following criteria:
1) Your group must have Five (5) years continuous current financial membership of The Association of Community Theatre.
2) Grants will NOT be made to groups in financial distress or where there is evidence of poor performance.
3) Preference will be given to applications where the asset to be purchased can be shared on a community basis between two (or more) members.
4) Evidence of loss or need is to be provided.
5) Members CANNOT apply every consecutive year, unless it is under exceptional circumstances.
6) Priority will be given to members who have not received a grant in previous allocations.

Who should submit the application?

1) Only ONE application can be made per annum.

2) The application must be submitted on the attached application form. Applications submitted in other formats will not be accepted. The form can also be found on the website:

3) The application must be completed and signed by either the PRESIDENT or TREASURER of the group and this person will be known as “The Responsible      Applicant”. This is to ensure appropriate responsibility and accountability.

4) The Responsible Applicant will be required to sign a document acknowledging the conditions and processes of the grant.

5) Recipients of the grant will be published on the ACT website.

Funding amount
The amount of funding to be provided will be determined by the Executive Committee. Total funds to be provided by the ACT will be Five thousand dollars ($5000) annually. Funding amounts will be determined according to need, value, and the numbers and amounts being applied for.

Application requirements:
The following material/information must be submitted when making your application:
1) Full details of the group making the application
2) Full contact details of the Responsible Applicant
3) ABN if applicable
4) Bank account details
5) Full description of the item for which funding is being sought
6) Photographic indication of the item as appropriate
7) Proposed cost of the item
8) Quotes from suppliers – at least two, depending on the value
9) Timeframe for requirement of the item
10) Agreement that grant application be published
11) Statement from the Responsible Applicant that the information is true and correct.

Eligibility Check
Upon receipt of the application it will undergo an eligibility check and if eligible, proceed through the assessment process.

Assessment process
Applications will be assessed using the material provided in your application.
Assessment checks will include but are not limited to:
1) Check of ABN and other group incorporation details as appropriate
2) Assessment of the value of the item required
3) Validation of the cost of the item
4) Check that there is no duplicate application
5) Evidence that there is need
6) Evaluation of the documentation provided and that all application information is stated to be true and correct.

Manner of Payment of Funds
Payment of successful grant applications (where a full amount or a partial amount is granted) will only be made only upon presentation of Vendor/s invoice/quote and payment will only be made direct to the Vendor.

To submit your application you will need to undertake the steps set out above and meet the timeline for closure.

You can access the Grant Application Form by clicking on the highlighted name. 

Please note these guidelines are current at the time of publication and may be subject to change.Thank you for your application. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 0428 691 010. 

Ros English, OAM

Chief Executive Officer 



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