Insurance Claims History

To assist companies keep their rehearsals and performances as safe as possible we publish a list of accidents that have taken place in recent years and the claims for compensation made arising from the accidents through ACT's public liability insurance policy managed by Marsh.

2020 1/04/2021 PA Costume rack fell over onto a person's right
shoulder sustaining strain injury. Rack
had several heavy costumes on at the
$700.00 was awarded in compensation.

2019 19/05/2019 PL Claimant leaned on an exit door and fell
out injuring her wrist
No compensation was awarded. Finalised

2018 12/02/2018 PL Set fell on the claimant injuring his
$192.75 was awarded. Finalised

22/07/2018 PL A claimaint fell whilst dancing and injured her
No compensation was awarded.

9/9/2018 PL The claimant's parquet floor was
damaged by improperly seated screws
in a dancer's tap shoes
$2,640.70 was awarded.  Finalised

7/10/2018 PL The claimant slipped over some poles
laid on the theatre floor and fractured
his elbow.
$780.70  was awarded. Finalised

24/10/2018 PL Art works at Gallery damaged by water.
Insured left a door open and storm
water penetrated the gallery
$355.32  was awarded. Finalised

2017 25/02/2017 PL Choir member fell onto an orchestra
member's trombone, damaging it.
$670.00 was awarded. Finalised

17/05/2017 PL A member of the insured theatre troupe
splashed fake blood on a white theatre
curtain during a rehearsal of the
performance 'Sweeney Todd'. Owner
demanded replacement and associated
$1,854.40 was awarded. Finalised

27/08/2017 PL 2 pieces of the set fell from the wall
onto the claimant's car $1,641.13  was awarded.Finalised

2016 20/08/2016 PL Claimant fell down the stairs at the
$30,327.50 was awarded. Finalised

21/11/2016 PL Claimant slipped down some stairs. $29,540.12 was awarded. Finalised

2015 12/07/2015 PL Patron of the production fell on stairs
whilst moving to seating area. Venue
was a hired theatre belonging to the
XXXXX School.
$69,337.95  was awarded. Finalised

2014 17/11/2013 PL The claimant alleges that the Insured's
stage crew damaged a 'cyclorama'
stage curtain whilst moving furniture
during the Insured's performance a
musical at XXXXXX. $800.00 was awarded. Finalised


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